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ESOL Online. Every child literate - a shared responsibility.

Parents, whānau and communities

Parents, whānau and communities

These links and resources are designed to help families and whānau support their children to develop their literacy and English language skills.

  • Home-school partnerships - This site is for school leaders, teachers, and school support services advisors. It provides information, guidance, and resources to support schools in developing and building on their home–school partnerships. It also contains specific information related to the National Standards and reporting to parents, family and whānau.
  • Parents and whānau: Here you’ll find useful information about children’s or teen’s education including tips on choosing an Early Childhood Education (ECE) service or school, what they learn, how their progress is assessed and other topics of interest.

Family and community

 Merit Achievement Certificates

These certificates have been translated into nine different languages and are fully downloadable. They can be used to inform parents of their child’s language learning success. They also provide an opportunity to acknowledge the student’s first language.

  • They show that the student's first language is acknowledged.
  • They provide opportunities for the students to share their language and culture with others.
  • They assure parents their children are experiencing success.


Published on: 22 Jul 2010